Phaser Prototyping

Game prototyping using Phaser, a HTML5 game engine.

These are game prototypes I created in the Phaser HTML5 game engine over the course of a semester. Each prototype was designed and implemented in about one to two weeks and tests an original gameplay mechanic and/or concept. The prototypes, and Phaser, are both programmed in JavaScript, so they are able to run in most modern web browsers.


The night is dark and full of terrors, so tame the beasts before they attack. Move around the world to find bones to calm the wild dogs.

The Mystery of the Stolen Kittens

Find the stolen box of kittens for the princess. Explore the town and talk to residents to find clues to the stolen kittens. Make sure to keep an ear out for there meows.

The Last Elementalist

You are the last elemental sorcerer. Defend yourself from the waves of oncoming enemies using your elemental powers.

The Road

You are a lone zombie on a desert road. Avoid the guns of the survivors and feast upon the flesh of the innocents. Kill the people to collect brains and get a high score.

Traffic Jam

You just bought a new sports car, but you are stuck in traffic again, unable to test your new ride's power. You have had enough of sitting. Cut in between traffic to try and get ahead.


Launch your ship into space and explore distant planets, but keep an eye on your fuel. The solar system is filled with different planets to land on each with different atmospheres and gravity.


Engulf your surroundings to grow and escape. Play through multiple levels growing to be able to absorb larger objects in this abstract game.

High Sea Cannons

Defend the shore from waves of oncoming enemy ships. Strategically place your defenses to sing the enemy ships, but be wary of the blue sail man of wars.

SpaceSim (Update 01)

Launch your ship into space and explore distant planets, but keep an eye on your fuel. This update features a new asteroid belt complete with an asteroid mini-game.


Escape the maze before your torch runs out. Get the key to unlock the door, but watch out for the traps hidden in the dark.